Binary Me

by The Mercury Display

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Throw on headphones, take a break, stare out a window, drool a little bit.

The Mercury Display - Binary Me - A free album


released September 17, 2013

Written & Performed by The Mercury Display
Engineered by Jimmy Anthony and Mat Giordano
Mixed & Mastered by Christian Duncan

The Mercury Display is:

Matthew Schleck - vocals/guitar
Mat Giordano - guitars/electronics/programming
Jimmy Anthony - bass/keys/electronics/programming
Josh Karis - drums

The Mercury Display recorded this album using Paul Reed Smith and ESP guitars and basses, Hughes & Kettner, Marshall, and Orange amplification, Boss, Line 6, Vox, and MXR effects, loud-ass drums, Shure microphones, monster cables, Dunlop picks, and other shit too.




The Mercury Display Scranton, Pennsylvania

In 2008, some members met under unusual circumstances. They shared guitars and collaborated, recorded, made a schedule around life's little nuances, and a half-decade later offer you this piece of free & complete music.

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Track Name: Leap
Are we on? Are we off? Is it something I should drop? Am I wishing for too much? It’s always the same. It’s a taste of the world outside. It’s a break from the maze and the grind. It’s a place where we don’t have to hide anymore. Give me one more chance to make the same mistakes again. With this leap of faith I know I may just lose a friend. Carry on from the top. Make the consequences stop. And we both can lift right off and cover the world, with a plan to amaze ourselves , and a way to obtain our wealth. If the past dominates our hearts stay poor. Give me one more chance to make the same mistakes again. With this leap of faith I hope you’ll see me to the end. And I know we’ll be a song composed of the right and the wrong, but I don’t expect the worst anymore.
Track Name: Right Before It Hurts
Easy now. Leave this moment perfect and just ride it out. Keep it moving forward till it comes around. Let’s not make it complicated it’s about holding onto something while it’s here. Promise me. Promise that this won’t commit to memory. Promise that the page will turn away from me. Promise when the credits roll that’s all we see. Promise that tonight is all we have. Please don’t find the words to explain. They just make it worse, they disguise the pain. Right before it ends is where I choose to stay. Right before it hurts. When I think of you now, do you think of me now? Never mind that just someone fly me to an unmoving cloud. Time gives me such a headache now.
Track Name: Alone and In the Way
Stay far away and let the distance grow far and wide to keep me on my toes. Like the day I fell into this hole and asked god why. Am I supposed to know? Or just stay alone and in the dark, keeping time, covered in the night, free from pain, avoiding any chance not to be alone and in the way. Love spills from me. A bucket left outside in the rain. A candle left to burn way too long. And old forgotten flame, small and tired, way to dim to light any space, but still could start a fire to take this town and burn it to the ground. Time will make a fighter out of me or I’ll die alone and in the way. The more of me that’s buried in the mud, the bigger I need to dream, the further to look up. Stuck for now, I sit and await my turn on the ride. There are no more echoes in my heart, and I don’t need anyone, I’m full and I am charged. Night pours in. I barely collect myself this time. There’s probably something more to find. But I’ll never regret the day I was alone and in the way.
Track Name: Promise and a Wave
It pains me to try and believe that this was the last ride, so maybe I’ll try and perceive me from the outside. I’ll let all my comforts fade, and turn in my uniform. They can keep their thankless days and all the ways that they keep warm. You’re life was miles away, but I stayed here. Just a promise and a wave, and one more year. But I really need today to face my fears. It’s my only way to say goodbye and let you know that time better treat you right. So thanks for believing it all, thanks for the last line. If ever you need me to fall, this was the last time. Because I’m not afraid to bleed, and it’s not too late to try, but you can’t afford to sit around this town and watch me die. California was the dream, but I stayed here. Just a promise and a wave to make it clear that I really need to pay for all those years. It’s my only way to say goodnight and keep you safe, but time better treat you right. I’m young enough to fight away the memories, but time better treat you right. Goodbye.
Track Name: Collapse
The air is soft, my fight is gone. I need a taste of something wrong. The bitter voice of boredom sings its song. Just tie me up and have your way with me, it’s time I let you win. I’ve had enough of all the decency that robbed me of my sins. The perfect scene, the perfect crime. You bring the glass, I’ll bring the wine. My full collapse will show its face in time. Just tie me up and have your way with me, it’s time I let you win. I’ve had enough of all the decency that robbed me of my sins. I’m waking up from someone else’s dream, and life has let me in. there’s room enough to keep you here with me...
Track Name: Just a Silhouette
Fools trust the frequence of their luck, just like the poison in their cup. I write to certain doom, to let them see how low they are. Soon the skies will fall away, so get on your knees and beg. You’re just a silhouette of a failed experiment. You’re less than perfect she said to me. “Write like a poet, not your degree.” Good riddance to old wounds. I’ll make them see what scum they are. Soon the skies will fall away, so get on your knees and beg. You’re just a silhouette, a reflection. Feels like the perfect time to decorate the sky with every word that I won’t speak aloud. Between the clouds I write this verse. Drop to the ground to end this curse. Plane crash, my signature finish to my final flight.
Track Name: Les Elephants
Red to yellow orange melting in between. Children walk their monsters on the open green. My heart yearns to join their simple game in the land where every sunset ends up just the same. What’s beyond your pale horizon? Tell me more. Let me live forever in your scenic world. My heart yearns to join their simple game, in the land where every sunset ends up just the same. Color gives the perfect face to black, every time I think it’s gone the painting gives it back. Your scenic world.
Track Name: Atoms
Mother, take me over. Nature, end my life. Split me into atoms. Turn me into light. Let’s just start again love, start with empty space. I’m already lonely, and you’re already late. Count your blessings for the chances you won’t take. Close your lips and keep the promise you won’t make.
Track Name: Hold On Tight
Night may bring a thousand different things, but what I want is life to stop and drop us both right off, between the lines that time divides, and locks us both inside. Together we can hum and glow and feel each other grow. This is our hideout. Hold on tightly my dear, while you’re with me tonight. I am home when I’m here. Don’t release me tonight. Now I sing and hide behind these strings, to keep things perfect in my world. An oyster with its pearls. I keep my beauty to myself, it’s all I’ve ever felt will keep me safe and sound.